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Definition: The floor of a fireplace, usually extending into a room and paved with brick, flagstone, or cement.
Synonyms: fireside
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the knacker's yard

A state of ruin or failure due to having become useless or obsolete. Refers to a slaughterhouse for old or injured horses.
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Singapore National Day

Singapore National Day is a public holiday in Singapore to commemorate its independence. Singapore was the administrative seat for the Straits Settlements, a British crown colony, from 1867 until it was occupied by Japan in World War II. It was restored to Britain in 1945, became a part of Malaysia in 1963, and became independent in 1965. The holiday is celebrated with a spectacular parade, cultural dances, and fireworks. More...
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The soul most free is that most bound in thraldom to the ancient tyrant Love.
Miguel de Cervantes
Word Trivia

Today's topic: mash

bangers and mash - Sausage and mashed potatoes. More...

farrago - From Latin, originally "a mash for feeding cattle"; later, figuratively, a medley or hodgepodge. More...

mash - Originally malt mixed with hot water, to make wort. More...

mush, moosh - Mush and moosh (nouns) are variations on mash. More...

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