Different Processes Used In Carpet Cleaning

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Different Methods of Carpet Cleaning

There are many different techniques of carpet cleaning; some have been around for years and others have been developed more recently. Two of the most common are steam cleaning (hot water extraction) and dry chemical cleaning (low moisture cleaning). Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning)

This is an enormously popular method used in carpet cleaning. It is also recommended by many in the carpet cleaning industry. It offers a really good deep clean. Although it is commonly known as steam cleaning, this is actually a misnomer. Steam is not actually used in the cleaning process. It would in fact damage the carpet!

Heated water (not steam) is sprayed onto the carpet which dislodges dirt and dust. Sometimes chemicals are added to the water to make the process even more effective. The water is vacuumed along with the dirt and loose particles.

The main advantage with this method is that it does not leave much in the way of residue in the carpet. In fact it doesn’t leave anything if hot water alone is used! This is particularly advantageous for families with kids who may be playing on the carpet not long after the cleaning process has taken place. The breathing in of strong chemicals is not considered to be a problem with the hot extraction cleaning method. The main disadvantage with this method is that not all of the water can be removed. If poor water extraction occurs this can be problematical and result in the growth of mold and so on.

It is said that hot water extraction is a great way to clean carpets as it not only removes dirt, but also bacteria, funghi and tobacco residue.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning systems are actually known as very low moisture systems. They are also quicker and less labour intensive. Pre-treatments which break down dirt are sprayed on to the carpets; brushing is then used to ensure that the pre-treatment is worked into the carpet.

Encapsulation uses fairly new technology to clean carpets. This process crystallises soil particles into dry residues. The crystals dissolve and the dirt is absorbed. The carpet ois then vacuumed. No water is used, so there is no drying time. This is the main advantage with this method – the carpet can be used pretty much straight away.

Bonnet (absorbent pad) is another method of dry carpet cleaning. This method can be likened to using a large towel which rubs dirt out of the carpet. There is no rinsing or flushing involved.

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