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How To Restore Your Data Easily Now

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Mishandling, hard disk failure, virus attack … no one is immune to data loss. Do not panic! Our selection of software will allow you to recover most of your data – documents, photos, music, messages, passwords – whatever the storage media: internal or external hard disk, USB, SIM card, memory card iPhone, iPod … Better some WebApps directly offer backup stored on the main line services data. In case the proposed solutions do not work, recovery is never 100% guaranteed.

Novice or experienced, get all your data

Recuva is a utility for effective data recovery and easy to use, ideal for beginners. It is able to restore all kinds of files – documents, photos, videos, music files, e-mails … – on most storage media: hard drives, external hard drive, USB drive, memory card, iPod, MP3 player … inexperienced users will be guided by the integrated wizard: So, enough of them specify the type of files to recover, where they were stored and then let Recuva do the rest! Seasoned and less anxious users can use the “Deep Scan” function to launch a more thorough analysis of the support and recover harder to locate items.

Restoration is one of the few data recovery tools that fit on a USB key and does not require installation: a simple double-click the executable file is sufficient to launch the program. It works with FAT and NTFS file as well as memory cards cameras. It can recover files deleted from recycle bin but also the elements erased by long pressing the SHIFT key. Its use is to everyone: just select the drive to explore and click on the “Search Deleted Files” button. Restoration displays all deleted files. Finally, the “Wipe” option, conversely, some permanently erase data to prevent recovery attempt by a third party.

PC Inspector File Recovery recovers data on file systems FAT 12/16/32 and NTFS. It automatically locates the partitions and even if the boot sector – Boot Sector – file allocation table or are missing or damaged. It is able to restore a multitude of file formats – including DOC, AVI, EXE, GIF, HTML, LZH, MID, MOV, PDF, RTF, TAR, WAV, ZIP … – with their date and time of origin. PC Inspector file recovery offers three recovery methods: find deleted files, recover lost files and finally retrieve a disc. Note: it offers the possibility to also save the data to a network drive.

Restore lost data on your USB drives

Recover lost or corrupted data on any USB device with USB Drive File Recovery : USB, MP3 player, USB drive, Memory Stick … The software recovers all types of data – music, photos, videos, office documents , etc. -. in most existing file formats. Recovery is automatic and can be controlled via customizable keyboard shortcuts. USB Drive File Recovery also allows to recover damaged partitions.

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