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Promotional Gifts – A Great Way To Advertise

Today, businesses on every scale use promotional gifts as a means of marketing. Not only do they act as great advertisements, they help build relationships with clients. A promotional gift with your company name, slogan, or logo emblazoned upon it does wonders for brand visibility and recognition. A wide variety of promotional gifts can be found in traditional brick and mortar stores as well as on the internet. Following are four of the most common gifts. There is sure to be at least one that meets your needs and fits in your budget…

Promotional t-shirts or caps – These are great for casual and informal occasions and people will wear them so long as they do not look tacky. Go for a standard color such as black or white and make sure that your logo and message are clear without being dominant. If you give someone an item that is of a good quality they will wear it, and be promoting your brand when they do so, for years.

Promotional mugs – Drinks provide workers with the comfort that helps them through the day, so you are sure to see someone carrying around a cup filled with tea, coffee, or another drink that gets them through the day. You may also see a mug acting as a pen and pencil holder or as a desktop decoration. The number of uses provides terrific exposure to your company brand.

Promotional bags – A carry bag may sound strange as a gift, but they are a highly effective promotional tool. They are useful in a wide range of scenarios, as we all need to carry things that we can not fit in our pockets. Just think, a bag with your brand identity on it will be seen everywhere that the person takes it. Plus, bags provide plenty of space upon which to place a sizeable and easily seen imprint of your logo or slogan.

Promotional pens and key rings – Although cheaper than other promotional items, pens and key rings are almost universally used by people. Everyone has a set of keys and uses pens to write. Due to their affordability, they are great for small businesses looking to broaden the range of their brand name.

If you are not sure what gifts will work best for you, then you should consult with a representative at a company that specializes in promotional gifts. They will be able to advise you based on their experience of working with companies like yours. As for how much you have to spend in total on promotional gifts, it really is up to you. Do not think that you will have to spend a fortune, as you can buy as few of 50 a particular item if that all that you need. Of course, buying in bulk will take down the cost you pay per item though.

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