The Demographics of Developers Around the World [Infographic]

June 3, 2016 Admin Wordpress 0

If there were 100 developers in the world, how many would be women? Which countries would they live in? How many would be pros, and how many would be hobbyists? What coding language would they speak?

These are the kinds of questions the folks at VisionMobile wanted to know — which is why they surveyed over 30,000 developers for their annual Developer Economics survey, and then illustrated their findings in the infographic below.

How Mobile Commerce Is Changing the Way We Shop

June 12, 2015 Admin Wordpress 0

The push really is on for businesses to adopt mobile friendly websites, especially now that Google has announced the changes to its algorithm to penalize the unfriendly ones. This is great news for all shoppers who search and buy from their phones and tablets. The mobile commerce numbers are already staggering.