Why You Should Invest In Inbound Marketing Before CRM Implementation

November 30, 2015 Admin Wordpress 0

Since the beginning of time, humanity has sought to answer unanswerable questions, like which came first, the chicken or the egg?  Recently, I’ve come across a question with increasing frequency, that may not be as significant, but is probably even more important if you’re looking to embark upon a journey of accelerated sales growth.

What should you focus on first, building an effective inbound marketing/lead generation process or implementing a CRM to manage your sales and customer acquisition process?  While both are important, the question is should you focus on one before the other? 

Are QR Codes Dead?

August 14, 2014 Admin Wordpress 0

scan-qr-codeJust a few years ago, QR codes seemed to be “the next big thing.” Shop windows, food labels, band fliers, magazine advertisements — those distinct little black-and-white squares were everywhere, vying for our attention.