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Different Processes Used In Carpet Cleaning

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Different Methods of Carpet Cleaning

There are many different techniques of carpet cleaning; some have been around for years and others have been developed more recently. Two of the most common are steam cleaning (hot water extraction) and dry chemical cleaning (low moisture cleaning). Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning)

This is an enormously popular method used in carpet cleaning. It is also recommended by many in the carpet cleaning industry. It offers a really good deep clean. Although it is commonly known as steam cleaning, this is actually a misnomer. Steam is not actually used in the cleaning process. It would in fact damage the carpet!

Heated water (not steam) is sprayed onto the carpet which dislodges dirt and dust. Sometimes chemicals are added to the water to make the process even more effective. The water is vacuumed along with the dirt and loose particles.

The main advantage with this method is that it does not leave much in the way of residue in the carpet. In fact it doesn’t leave anything if hot water alone is used! This is particularly advantageous for families with kids who may be playing on the carpet not long after the cleaning process has taken place. The breathing in of strong chemicals is not considered to be a problem with the hot extraction cleaning method. The main disadvantage with this method is that not all of the water can be removed. If poor water extraction occurs this can be problematical and result in the growth of mold and so on.

It is said that hot water extraction is a great way to clean carpets as it not only removes dirt, but also bacteria, funghi and tobacco residue.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning systems are actually known as very low moisture systems. They are also quicker and less labour intensive. Pre-treatments which break down dirt are sprayed on to the carpets; brushing is then used to ensure that the pre-treatment is worked into the carpet.

Encapsulation uses fairly new technology to clean carpets. This process crystallises soil particles into dry residues. The crystals dissolve and the dirt is absorbed. The carpet ois then vacuumed. No water is used, so there is no drying time. This is the main advantage with this method – the carpet can be used pretty much straight away.

Bonnet (absorbent pad) is another method of dry carpet cleaning. This method can be likened to using a large towel which rubs dirt out of the carpet. There is no rinsing or flushing involved.

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Different Kinds Of Flooring Available For The Home

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The type of flooring that is down in a house can have a massive impact on its overall feel and appearance. It can also effect the value of the property. Potential buyers do not want to see scratched and marked wooden flooring or stained, shabby carpets. In this piece of writing we will look at the many different kinds of flooring that are available.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors have been popular for centuries. They went out of favour a little bit when carpet was all the rage. However, they have had a recent resurgence in popularity. They are extremely attractive; they make any room look upmarket and elegant. They come in a complete variety of diferent woods including oak, cherry, pine, walnut and birch.

Laminate Flooring

For those who like the look of wood, but are on a tight budget, laminate is the answer. It can simulate the appearance of many different woods and it is also very simple to install. Laminate is easy to keep clean and is also hard wearing. Modern printing techniques mean that other designs, in addition to wood, can also be simulated. For example, it is now possible to buy laminate that has the appearance of a stone floor.


As mentioned previously, carpet has lost some of its appeal in recent years. However, it does have a number of advantages. First and foremost, it offers a soft and cosy feel. Rooms with carpet have a warm ambience. It is also great for families with little ones, as it provides a soft landing surface for all those falls and bumps that small children tend to have. It also gives them somewhere nice to play. Carpet comes in almost any colour that the customer requests.

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is generally not at the top of most people’s list when it comes to flooring, but it is a great alternative. It is warm and cushion soft along with being easy to clean. However, its main advantage is that it is extremely environmentally friendly. As it is made from tree bark it is a natural and renewable resource. Some people may ask – why is that different to hardwood? Well, the stripping of the bark does the tree no harm and the bark eventually grows back. Cork trees can live for a couple of centuries and can, therefore, be harvested on many occasions.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles come in a range of different shades; they also look stylish and current. They are waterproof, so are great in bathrooms or kitchens. They are also easy to keep clean as stains and spillages can simply be mopped away. Modern printing techniques have allowed ceramic tiles to be produced that simulate other materials such as wood.

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Uncomplicated Ways Of Improving The Appearance Of A Property

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There are many simple home inprovements that do not cost a massive sum of money to carry out. In this article we look at some of the most simple, but most effective.

Simple Kitchen Refurbishments

The kitchen is the heart of the home. As a result, it is the room that most people put at the top of their list when it comes to spending money on home improvements. If a kitchen is looking a bit tired and out-of-date, the home owner may feel that it is time for a change. Complete kitchen refits are very popular. However, these may not always be absolutely necessary. Often the carcasses are still in perfect condition – sometimes a simple refurbishment is all that is needed. In many cases the look of a kitchen can be radically be changed just be altering the cupboard doors and worktops. Straightforward kitchen refurbishments are not only less costly than putting in a whole new kitchen. The amount of time required is much less and the job is also not as messy! Door handles and light fittings can also be replaced if desired.

Give the Bathroom a Facelift

Tired bathrooms can be improved simply by adding a few nice accessories. Introducing a couple of plants, some new fittings and a few fluffy white towels can make all the difference. If it is absolutely essential the suite can be replaced at a somewhat reasonable cost. Simple white suites are accessible to suit all budgets. They are also fairly easy to fit. New low cost vinyl flooring can be put down to complete the look.

Install Inexpensive Flooring

Laminate is not a favourite with some people, but it can transform a room. Ragged or stained carpets drag down the appearance of a room. Laminate is easy on the pocket, but can look fresh and contemporary. It is also hard wearing, so is great for families with kids or animals.


Giving the dwelling a fresh lick of paint can work miracles when it comes to its look. This goes for both the outside as well as the interior walls. Interior walls and skirting boards and door frames can all be brightened up with decorating. Neutral tones tend to be popular, but sometimes a bolder colour can create a beautiful effect.

Improve the Curb Appeal

This was touched upon in the previous paragraph. Making sure that the outside of the house is nicely decorated is a great way of improving a property’s appearance. Making sure that the garden is kept neat and tidy is also a good idea. Simply planting a few new shrubs and flowers can work wonders.

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The Various Different Dry Cleaning Methods Used In Carpet Cleaning

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There are many different methods used when it comes to carpet cleaning. At times it can be hard to decide which method is best; it really comes down to which is best suited for the particular job in hand. In this article we will look at some of the dry cleaning methods.

The term dry cleaning is actually a misnomer – it should perhaps be called ‘low moisture carpet cleaning’. It is known as dry because the carpet can be brought back into use very soon after cleaning.

Absorbent Powder / Dry Extraction Cleaning

This method uses an absorbent substance such as sponges or powder which have been impregnated with water, solvent and detergent (small amounts). The soil is absorbed (once loosened) and held there until it is removed by vacuuming. This method enables the carpet to be used pretty much straight away; however, it is not great for heavily soiled carpets.

Bonnet Pad Cleaning

In this method a cleaning solution is sprayed over the surface of the carpet. The bonnets (absorbent pads) are then used to buff the carpet. These are attached to a mechanism and absorb the soil in the carpet. Big areas can be cleaned swiftly using this method. However, as with the absorbent powder / dry extraction method it is not particularly good for very dirty areas as the cleaning does not involve any rinsing action.

Rotary Shampoo

This is a traditional carpet cleaning method which makes use of a rotary floor machine. The machine is fitted with a solution tank and a shower feed brush. A shampoo solution is fed through the brush; at the same time the carpet is scrubbed. This is followed with a thorough vacuuming in order to remove any loose soil. This method provides a very good deep clean and is also fairly economical. Unfortunately, pile distortion can be a problem as a result of all the scrubbing.


Encapsulation is a fairly new method of carpet cleaning. It utilises a cleaning agent as well as a crystallising agent. The cleaning agent suspends the dirt which is then encapsulated by the crystallising agent, and in turn forms a crystal. This can then be vacuumed away. This method has the advantage that it does not leave behind much residue. However, it does not work well on carpets that have a lot of grease on them.

Before the cleaning is carried out a thorough inspection should take place in order to ascertain which method should be used. Regardless of the method, the carpet should be vacuumed thoroughly before any work is carried out. It is a recognised fact that a huge amount of dirt can be removed by vacuuming alone!

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An Economical Way To Improve The Appearance Of Your Kitchen

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It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Nowadays, it is very much a multi-functional room. Apart from preparing food and dining, kitchens can be used for a whole variety of different things – entertaining friends, reading books, watching the television, doing schoolwork in, playing on the computer and so on and so forth. As a result, the majority of people try to make their kitchen as attractive and comfortable as possible. No-one wants to spend time in a shabby and dreary room.

For those looking to improve their kitchen, but don’t have a lot of cash to spend, there are a number of things that can be done that don’t cost the earth. For example, a straightforward and inexpensive overhaul can radically alter a kitchen from an old, dated space into a modern and fashionable room. It is not always necessary to rip out all of the old units and start again from scratch. This can be very expensive and is not necessarily a worthwhile expenditure of money. Sometimes, just changing the doors is all that is needed.

Many companies now offer simple refurbishments as a matter of course. They realise that in these economically challenging times, they need to offer inexpensive choices for families who are on a strict budget. Shoppers will find that these companies supply an excellent range of doors and fixtures. The doors come in a whole different range of styles and colors – something to suit all tastes. It is quite something how changing the doors can in most cases completely transform the look of a kitchen.

A further advantage of simple refurbishments is that they don’t take very long to complete. In many cases the work can be done in just one day. This is very quick compared to complete re-fits, which can sometimes take a number of weeks. Also, it’s not always necessary to employ specialized kitchen fitters to put on the new doors. Such a job can be completed by those who have had some experience in DIY.

It could be said that kitchen refurbishments are more environmentally friendly than putting in totally new kitchens. There is clearly much less waste! Simple refurbishments are also much less messy; putting in a new kitchen can be a complete nightmare in terms of mess and dirt!

Some people may choose to replace the worktops as well, although in many cases this is probably not necessary. Other fixtures such as lighting, door handles can also be replaced.

To sum up simple kitchen refurbishments are cheaper, more environmentally friendly and less messy than having a whole new kitchen put in!

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Different Ways Of Adding Worth To A Home

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There are lots of improvements that home owners can do to add value to their house. In this article we look at those improvements which are thought to be the most effective.

Loft Conversions / Extensions

Adding more floor space is a sure winner when it comes to adding value to a property. Converting the loft into another room is a great way of creating that all important extra space. Loft conversions can be used for so many different things. They make fabulous master bedrooms, particularly if they come with chic, stylish en-suite bathrooms! On the other hand, they can also make great playrooms – children love having that additional space and somewhere to hide away! They can also be used as offices – a quiet place to escape the noise of everyday life.

Extensions are another way of adding value. However, caution should always be taken when putting on an extension. Home owners should make certain that they do not make their home look out of place with the rest of the street. They should not make their house overpriced for the area.

Creating a Parking Space

Having somewhere to park a car is very important to most people. Houses that have off street parking tend to be worth more than those that don’t. As a result, if it is possible to create a parking space from the garden (usually at the front, but sometimes the back) then this is great way of adding value.

New Bathroom

Old, dated bathrooms have a negative effect on the worth of a property. Fitting a new bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive, but it can work wonders for the worth of a home. There are many different bathroom suites available to suit all budgets. Simple white suites can be bought from DIY stores for a very reasonable cost. For those with more money to spend, there are bathroom fitters that can install grand suites and fittings.

Garden Maintenance

Giving the garden a good going over is crucial when it comes to making sure that a home is worth its full value. It doesn’t take much to make sure that the lawn is mowed on a regular basis and in good condition. Planting some nice shrubs and flowers can also work wonders.


This is possibly the most important room in the house. Installing a new kitchen is a good way of adding value to a property. Home owners should bear in mind, however, that any new kitchen should match the house. For instance, a bespoke, luxury kitchen will not suit a starter home – it is unlikely that the owner would get a return on this investment in the future. Likewise, budget kitchens should probably not be installed in million pound mansions!

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The Advantages Of Solid Wood Flooring Over Other Styles Of Materials

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Solid wood flooring has been very popular for several years. It looks utterly beautiful and is fitting for both period properties and new builds. Nevertheless, it can be quite expensive to put down and as a result many people overlook it and go for more affordable options such as laminate or carpet. In this piece of writing we look at the benefits of solid wood flooring and talk about why it may be more cost effective in the long run.

Wooden floors are much easier to keep clean than carpets. Spillages can easily be mopped up and as a result they don’t leave undesirable stains! Wooden floors are also better than carpets in the respect that they don’t become worn down with time. It is easy to see areas with lots of traffic (on carpets) as they become compressed and discoloured. Items of furniture can also leave dimple marks on carpet. This can be extremely annoying when having a re-arrangement of the furniture in a room!

Wooden floors last for decades. They don’t need changing regularly as they do not stain and are extremely long-lasting. Any scratches can be removed by simply sanding the floor down and re-staining the wood. Carpets need changing every few years as they can quickly become discolored and tattered looking.

Wooden floors are hygienic. They don’t harbour as many dust mites etc as carpets do. They really benefit people with allergies such as asthma. Because they are so easy to keep clean they tend to be odourless. Unpleasant smells can remain in carpet – not a problem with wooden floors! For this reason wooden floors are brilliant for people with pets!

Wooden floors are ageless and classic. Different kinds of carpet come and go. Who can forget the swirling patterns of the 1960s and 70s? Wooden floors never go out of fashion – they always look stylish and up-to-the-minute!

Some people would argue that tiling and stone flooring have all of the above benefits. This may well be the case, but these kinds of floors are normally very cold to the touch. Wooden floors are warm – great for colder climates!

Wooden flooring also adds value to your property. Houses that have solid wooden floors appeal more to buyers and as a result they tend to sell quicker. Potential buyers love to see an elegant wooden floor in the hallway, lounge or dining room!

To sum up solid wooden flooring is a great investment. The initial costs may be quite expensive, but the benefits will be reaped over the following years. Wooden floors last a lifetime and never go out of fashion! They are long-lasting and easy to keep clean. They also match all styles of decoration and furnishings.

Grantham Flooring is a company that supplies wooden flooring in Cheshire.

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Reasonably Priced Ways To Improve The Look Of A Home

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Updating your home does not have to cost a huge amount of cash. There are a number of reasonably priced improvements that can radically transform the appearance of a house. Whether you are looking to sell your property in the near future or just want to make some changes for your own benefit, why not think about some of the following?

One of the simplest ways of improving a home’s appearance is by simply having a really good sort out and tidy up. De-cluttering can be hard work, but it is worth it in the long run. If the house is up for sale this is of vital importance. A chaotic house is a huge turn off for possible buyers. Sometimes buying basic storage units is a good idea, especially if there are children in the house and somewhere is needed to hide their toys away when they have finished playing with them!

Giving a room a fresh lick of paint is an excellent way of improving its look. Surprisingly many people overlook the importance of frequent redecorating. This applies to both the outside of a home as well as the inside. It doesn’t take much to make sure that the front of a house is kept in decent condition. The importance of curb appeal, particularly if your home is on the property market, should not be underestimated!

Putting down new flooring can also dramatically improve the appearance of a home. Old, threadbare carpets can be replaced with options such as laminate – inexpensive and easy to maintain. Laminate flooring also gives a home a modern and clean look. Vinyl is a good option for bathrooms. It is low cost and very easy to keep clean.

The kitchen is more often than not the centre of the home and is often thought to be the most important room in the house. Many people feel that a new kitchen would make a massive difference to their home, but unfortunately they can not afford a total re-fit. If this is the case then a simple refurbishment is the answer. Just changing the doors and the worktops can radically transform the look of some kitchens. Often the carcasses are still in decent condition, so replacing them is a waste of money.

Bathrooms can also be updated without spending huge amounts of money. Sometimes just changing the tiles or flooring is all that is required. If a new suite is needed, it doesn’t have to be high-priced. There are plenty of plain white suites available at DIY stores. Installation is usually very straightforward.

Alison Paul Designs are a company based in Southport. They offer fitted kitchens in Formby. They provide a high standard of service and cater for all budgets.

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Things That Can Be Done To Make Your Property More Saleable

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If you are one of the many people who are hoping to sell their house, what can you do to make sure that the process is a speedy one and, moreover, you achieve a value as close to the asking price as possible?

Most importantly, you can make sure that your home is well presented, and clean and tidy. This may necessitate a little bit of effort, but it will be worth it in the long run. Spending money on a house that you are hopefully going to sell can be off putting to most sellers, but in some cases it may be necessary to accomplish that all important sale.

The interior of the home should be well maintained and in good condition. The first thing you may want to look out is the condition of the walls and woodwork. If they are in need of a lick of paint think carefully about the colors that you choose. In the main buyers tend to favor natural tones that give the rooms a light and fresh feel. Steer clear of bold and daring colours – these my end up alienating some buyers.

Modernising an old, dated kitchen is one of the best ways of adding value to a home. A shabby, unwelcoming kitchen can be a real turn off to possible buyers. Today’s modern house hunters are looking for attractive, spacious and modern kitchens with new appliances. Room for a dining table is also an advantage – this is on then wish list for many buyers. Updating a kitchen doesn’t have to be a costly job. Many businesses now offer basic kitchen refurbishments where just the doors and worktops are replaced. This is a fantastic way of improving the look of a kitchen without spending the earth.

Old fashioned bathrooms can also put potential buyers off. Replacing a bathroom doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. A current, white suite can be bought at a fairly low cost and they are relatively easy to install.

Making sure that the flooring in the house is of a good standard is also of paramount importance. Old, tatty or stained carpets are a definite no no! Laminate flooring is a good option for sellers who are on a tight budget. It looks contemporary and hygienic, and is ideal for the family market.

Sellers should not underestimate the importance of curb appeal. Making sure that your house is well presented on the outside is a must. This is not hard to achieve. A lick of paint and a good tidy up of the garden (if you have one) is in all probability all that is needed.

Alison Paul Designs is a company based in Southport that offers kitchen refurbishment to suit all budgets. They work in many different locations including Southport.

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