The Science Behind Successful Facebook Ads [Free Ebook]

February 24, 2016 Admin Wordpress 0

Facebook has been proven time and time again to be an effective channel for driving traffic to your website, converting visitors into leads, increasing app installations, and generating more Likes for your business Page.

But using Facebook advertising to drive results like these only works if you’re smart about it. The challenge for marketers is knowing how to optimise your Facebook ads to get the most bang for your buck.

Data-Backed Tips for Crafting the Perfect Facebook Post [Infographic]

August 11, 2014 Admin Wordpress 0

present-2When it comes to growing your business on Facebook, getting people to Like your page is only the first step. To get people to interact with you (and then maybe check out your website), you’ve got to provide your Fans with posts that give them the right information at the right time. The best-performing Facebook posts aren’t just shipped on a whim — they’re deliberately and strategically crafted.

A Quick Rundown of Facebook Targeting Options [Infographic]

August 5, 2014 Admin Wordpress 0

facebook_advertisingUsed properly, Facebook can be a great resource for marketers due to its highly active user base and the amount of information it has about individual users. Facebook knows what we’re interested in, who we hang out with, and how we self-identify — so there’s a great opportunity for marketers to deliver highly relevant and personalized ads through the social network.